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5 tips to make your Online English classes more fun!

Online English Classes

Let’s make your Online English Classes more fun and engaging. Online classes are one good way of acquiring knowledge in the warmth of your own home, however, making it interesting and effective is the main challenge as the resources are more limited than the physical classes. There are many ways to integrate your lessons into the virtual classroom. But first we should learn the basic 5 tips to make your Online English classes more fun…so that not only the students understand well, but they are enthusiastic every day about learning something new.

What are the 5 tips to make your English classes more fun?

Teaching methodologies matter a lot when you come into the field of education. It’s not just about the syllabus, but also encompasses the teacher’s body language, attitude, and speaking skills.

Here are a few ways through which you can make your classes much more entertaining for students.

1. Reward Your Students and Play Games with Them

You can encourage the students to participate more and stay engaged by incorporating a reward system. Digital stickers or stars, which you can present to the students in your Online English classes if they perform exceptionally well. Similarly, there are other ways, like giving a shout-out to them on social media educational pages or sending an email of excellency to their parents. There is also the option of ClassDojo points, where students can compete to get the most points. In such ways, students take an interest in the reward systems, which helps drastically in their learning process

2. Make the Lessons Fun and Interactive

The backbone of every great class is the ability to make your lessons fun. A boring class will make your students disappear faster than a toupee in a hurricane. 

It’s always best to have a colorful background and interactive material. Relate your lessons to real life, pause and ask questions, and keep the tone of your voice playful and exciting. Include flashcards and interesting activities at the end of each topic. Let the students remain indulged and keep a good idea of how much they are absorbing

On the other hand, you can play games in the Online English class, which adds fun to learning.

For example, you can play a virtual Pictionary where English words can be identified through it or use Kahoot to create an exciting quiz. By playing games, students find themselves enthusiastic about taking part in online English classes. They try their best to participate and win. In this way, they learn in a far more effective way.

Guess what?

You are on the road to becoming one teacher whose class the students would never want to miss!

3. Be Mindful and Use Body Language.

To make your Online English classes more fun, you should show your presence as a professional English teacher. Your hand gestures should be optimal. Your speaking should have different volumes, so it doesn’t go at one pace. One important point, don’t forget to smile and demonstrate positive energy as this makes the students eager to learn something new.

Also, it would be best if you tried to look into the camera to give a sensation of eye contact for concentration. Be mindful and meticulous while speaking. Remaining relevant, concise, and putting adequate time into each topic is a strategy each professional instructor should consider.

Your body language should possess happy vibes. You should convey connection, warmth, safety, and trust so your students receive happy vibes and love from studying English with you!

4. Get to know your students!

An essential key to achieving high ratings and popularity in Online teaching would be understanding your students. If your chemistry matches with your students and they get comfortable with your teaching ways, you are halfway there. You should interact with your students more than just about the subject. Knowing their strengths and weaknesses and their background helps make them understand at their pace and level.

In this way, your students get to go along comfortably with you and feel relaxed in your class. Also, they won’t hesitate to ask questions or tell them if they cannot understand it properly. I hope you got some ideas on making your Online English classes more fun.

5. Have fun and control your stress

Cracking a few jokes or talking humorously would help make your class a good time for students. Moreover, you should try to control your stress and tension as in the class, and you should be extremely fresh. You can never be social enough. You can increase your productivity by getting adequate sleep, organizing all stuff, being well-prepared for your lesson and keeping all your concentration on the class. 

This will help in keeping your teaching status high. The pressure will be turned down while you are teaching, and the students will also remain active and mindful in the class. Let your classes be more fun and interesting than ever before!


As a qualified and professional English teacher, you must be aware of ways to make your Online English classes more fun!

This is a secret key to opening the chambers for success in online English teaching and rating yourself high.

By being fun and engaging, more students will be inclined toward you and eager to attend your class.

I hope you got the idea. Best of luck with the fun ahead! Find more online English teaching jobs herehere, and here.

Make Your Online English Classes More Fun

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