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Halloween Activities for ESL Class

Halloween is a special day on the American calendar! It is also getting more popular across the globe because it’s fun, and scary. People get to dress up in interesting costumes. As teachers, we can use this time to engage our studentsexcite them, and educate them at the same time! That is why we will be sharing some exciting ideas on Halloween activities for ESL class and other activities and worksheets you can do with your class to make this Halloween more enjoyable and productive!

It can be interesting for ESL students because they can learn about American culture and have fun simultaneously.

Trick-or-treat song

If you teach lower-level Elementary or kindergarten students, you will enjoy playing the trick-or-treat song with super simple songs on YouTube! It’s one of the many great Halloween activities for ESL class. It’s a fun song, and the kids can easily sing along. You can also play different roles with all the students from the lyrics. It can be quite exciting for the little ones. 

ESL Halloween games

Jimmy Kimmel, I told my kid I ate their Halloween candy

There is a famous video of Jimmy Kimmel known as hey Jimmy Kimmel; I told my kid I ate their Halloween candy. The premise of these videos is that kids go out, work hard to collect candy, and come home and go to sleep. 

While sleeping, their parents steal the candy and hide it the next morning. When the kids wake up, they find all their candy is gone! Their parents tell them they ate their candy and then film their reaction. Imagine how they react: they cry, get angry, and are shocked. “Oh, I just want to let you know I ate all your candy. I know it’s your holidays! don’t cry, don’t be sad…No, I’m sorry I ate all your candy.”

These videos are fun to watch because kids can imagine how they would react if that were to happen.

Halloween DIY crafts

When it comes to Halloween classroom crafts, the possibilities are endless. Crafts are also one of the many great Halloween activities for ESL classThere are loads of super simple crafts to make with your students. The number of materials you’ll need is also minimal. You can find a lot to browse through on pinterest. For online classes, you can still create decorations together if you can ask the parents to buy the materials beforehand. 

Halloween games for ESL class (Halloween activities for ESL class)

  • One of the Halloween games that are widely appreciated is Bingo. You print out the sheets of paper with Halloween-themed pictures in the play area and hand them to your students. Then you play Halloween Bingo! The students can learn Halloween vocabulary through the pictures on the game. 
  • You can also create a monster about which the younger students can practice talking about how many eyes they’ve, how many arms and legs they possess, and what your monster wants to eat. You can give your monster a name if you’re working with all the students. In addition, you can give your monster a backstory too!

There are lots of interesting things you can do with your classroom regarding Halloween!

  • You can even set up minigames like a fun game is a zombie eye toss. It works when you take ping-pong balls and draw eyes over them. Then you put a couple of baskets where they have to toss them inside. Isn’t it fun?
  • Another good one is the spider toss. Once again, you get some rubber spiders, you place some targets on the floor, and if they get close to the target, they can get some points. The one with the most points wins.
  • Some other things you can create in the classroom are straw skeletons or cotton balls. Also, you can make ghosts with cloth! These are always fun because the kids can take them home, or you can decorate your classroom with the better ones! 
  • There can also be spider races where you take a straw and some dental floss or line and make a small spider on top of the straw, and the kids can have races.
  • Another good one you can use is Halloween shadow puppets. In this game, students cut out puppets using black paper, then you put a light behind it, and they can act out a scene of some sort.
  • If you have younger students, you can play “pass the pumpkin” while playing some music. Students pass it around, and when the music stops, the one holding it loses!
  • If you run out of ideas, you can play wrap the Mummy. You should get some toilet paper and tell the students it’s a race! The one who can wrap their friend the fastest will win.

Halloween Worksheets (Halloween activities for ESL class)

For Halloween ESL activities, you can take help from the Journal buddies, who give Halloween writing prompts and ideas for elementary and middle school students. These are great ideas that you can also use for conversation!

There are word searches for Halloween that you can do. It includes all sorts of great vocabulary for the kids the learn for the holiday.

ISLcollective has dozens of worksheets related to the theme of Halloween. You can find lessons for all different levels and ages of English. 


These exciting Halloween activities for ESL class are an amazing way to make these holidays enjoyable and productive for the learners. You can teach English to them as well as engage them in spooky yet fun activities.

Happy Halloween!


Halloween Activities for ESL Class

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