Teaching English to Adults Online

I find myself constantly perusing the Facebook groups for online teaching jobs to identify what most online teachers are looking for in regard to jobs. Recently I’ve noticed a surplus of teachers asking where they can specifically find jobs teaching English to adults online. I collected a list of all the online companies that allow you to find a job teaching English to adults online.

Just a friendly reminder, not all of the jobs on this list are currently hiring. With that being said, many of them accept applications all year round. It’s never a bad idea to apply and send your CV along with an intro video to as many as possible in case an opening appears.

Teaching English to adults online

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Teaching English to adults online job list

Engliphone is an online English teaching company where you can teach English to adult students. The company is based in South Korea. They are currently only accepting North American English teachers. The lessons are business-based for adults that are living in South Korea. You can have classes from 6am to 11am and from 6pm to 12am Korean time. Teachers can have class by phone or computer. They want teachers with one year of experience but a TEFL certificate and Bachelor’s degree are not required. They pay a guaranteed minimum rate of $13.50 USD per hour, even if there is an absent student. Engliphone will potentially pay up to $19 per hour for phone classes and $20 per hour for video classes. You can contact them at engliphone@naver.com

Ziktalk allows online English teachers to teach English to adult students. It’s based in South Korea. They hire both native and non-native English teachers. A TEFL certificate is not required for teachers. Students choose their teachers. Having a TEFL and a degree will certainly help in this aspect. Classes are 1 on 1. Teachers can make videos and upload them to attract more students on the app. They pay with PayPal or bank wire transfer and teachers are paid between $10 to $15 USD per hour. Ziktalk is available on Android and iOS app stores. 

Online Teaching Jobs (adult students)

Hallo is an online English teaching platform where you can teach English online to adult students. It is based in Utah, USA. Potential teachers must install the Hallo app and create a student account. Then they have to make a 1-minute intro video and submit an application through their website. The students are typically between 18-30 years old. They have two types of teachers. For the basic level, teachers must speak English with a native or bilingual fluency and have at least 1 year of experience. For the more advanced level (Hallo courses) teachers must be legally eligible to work in Canada of the USA, have two years of teaching experience and have either a bachelor’s degree in any major related to English or a TEFL certificate. They pay different rates for their different types of classes. It seems like thy pay a minimum of $7.5 USD per hour for 1-to-1 classes but usually more. Their group classes pay like this: 4 students: $30/hour, 3 students: $22.25/hour and 2 students: $15/hour (though teachers are required to spend 30 minutes before each group class preparing). They pay with Stripe and PayPal. 

Profy is based in Colombia. They let you set up your own profile but the pay is fixed at $10 USD per hour (not including bonuses). Classes are 1 to 1 with adults and nonnatives can sign up but they must have at least a certified C1 level. No degree, experience or TEFL certification is required. Teachers must put up a minimum of 10 hours per week. 

Online teaching jobs (Adult Students)

Lingo Live  is a company based out of New York. They coach adults in the tech industry on language & communication skills. They are looking for remote coaches who can commit at least 15 hours/week and as a human-centric company, prefer to receive cover letters with applications. Teachers should have a university degree or 5 years of experience. They teach English, Spanish, French, Mandarin and some other languages too. They pay between $14 to $18 USD per hour. 

More jobs 🙂

Speexx  is based in Germany and they are hiring English teachers . Teachers must have a TESL/TESOL/CELTA certificate and speak another language at a B2 level. They specialize in teaching business English to adults as their students are mostly business professionals looking to improve all aspects of their English, including their writing skills. You can “learn while you earn” with free access to Speexx language learning solutions and access to a global network of support and coaches. Teachers can be 100% remote and you have complete autonomy over your work schedule. They guarantee at least €300 per month if you offer a minimum of 25 hours / 50 slots on your monthly calendar (even if not all of these slots are booked). They pay €6 per 1:1 virtual session  (25-minute unit + 5 minutes admin) with paid and fair cancellation policies plus paid initial future training. 

NativeCamp is looking for English teachers from the Philippines to teach Japanese adults. A university degree is not necessary and teaching experience is not required but they do want teachers with a neutral accent. Teaching hours are from 9am – 9pm. Apparently the pay is not great, according to the comments here $1.5 – $2.5 USD per hour and they pay twice per month with BPI or PNB. There are some bonuses if you stay with the company. 

Enline is a small Russian company based in Moscow. They teach English and German online through Skype. They offer business, conversational, travel, intensive and TOEFL and IELTS exam preparation courses. Their students are mostly adults but they have some teenagers as well (ages 14 – 50). Many of their teachers are Russian but not all of them. Speaking Russian is an asset if you want to work for Enline. They want teachers with 5 years of experience and a TESL/TEFL/CELTA certificate. The company offers flexible scheduling but teachers should expect to work between 10 to 20 hours per week between 6am and 7pm (peak time is from 3pm to 7pm). They pay $13 USD for a 60-minute class and $10 for a 45-minute class.

Online English teaching jobs with adult students

Fluentify is based in Italy and Britain and they specialize in teaching business English. They want teachers with a TEFL certificate, two years of teaching experience and online teaching experience. The company provides some material, but you can also use your own teaching materials. They pay up to 11 EUROS per 30 minute class. 

Learnship is based in Germany. You can teach 1 to 1 and group classes. They specialize in business English, but they also teach many other languages. They pay around €17 per hour.

Learnlight (formerly called Ispeakuspeak or ISUS) is based in Barcelona. They not only teach English, but 15 other languages including Spanish, French, German and Italian. Their online platform is new and sleek. They mostly teach business English to employees of multi-national companies based in Europe. Working part-time is possible, you choose your hours and they find the students for you. Learnlight salary: The pay (in Euros) is competitive at €10 for individuals and €12 for group classes. 

Even more teaching jobs with adult students!

Open English is all over the TV down here in Argentina, (with some really silly commercials) I think it is quite popular across Latin America. They want native speakers with a “North American accent”. According to their application they want teachers who are able to work in the USA legally. Open English salary starts at around $10 per hour.

Inglesissimo is another company based in Spain offering business lessons and lessons for individuals and travelers. They have about 900 teachers. They also teach French, Italian, Spanish, German and Chinese. It is not known how much they pay.  

1to1Progress is based in France and they teach mostly business English to adult students in France. They provide 30 minute or 1 hour training sessions by telephone, Skype and/or video conference (Adobe, Webex). Teachers must write a language audit at the beginning and end of each training period on the platform. They also must write detailed lesson reports online at the end of each session to ensure continuity. They are looking for native speaking teachers with a TESL/CELTA or other language teaching certificate. Teachers must have 1 year of experience in distance language training for adults, experience in the business world and mastery of professional vocabulary. It is not necessary to be bilingual but if you are bilingual in French, English, Italian or Spanish it will be a plus for beginner level learners. Send them your application, but if you don’t get a response within two weeks try other options.

The opportunities continue

goforLanguages is an international company with offices in the USA, Spain, France and Belgium.  The company teaches and does translations. They want native teachers to give 1 to 1 classes that are 30 minutes long. They specialize in business English. It is not known how much they pay yet.  

More teaching jobs

Live Lingua is a fairly small American company. They offer a plenty of specialty courses and charge students $20 an hour or more. It is vital for all teachers to speak two languages. They are always searching for native speaking teachers with two years experience and a university degree. 

Ginseng English is based in Boston. They hire the best candidates so non-native speakers are welcome. Masters degrees are looked on favorably. They teach both general and business English in group classes. 

LearningU is based in Utah, USA. They offer business English and IELTS and TOEFL exam preparation courses. Not much else is known about them at this point. 

Voxy is based in New York, they want native speakers with a degree or TESL certificate. They pay up to $18 an hour. 

Barons English (alternate site) is looking for UK teachers only, to give 1 to 1 classes via Skype to students in China, Japan and Korea. Classes are 25 or 50 minutes long. They want native speakers with at least 2 years of college education. To apply email: jobs@teacher-barons.co.uk

The list continues…

Teaching English to adults online

Accent Advisor  is an American company that specializes in teaching the American accent. The students are adult expats that live in the US, are fluent in English and want to reduce their foreign accent. Teachers must have a North American accent and have two years of teaching experience. A university degree and TEFL certificate are not required but are considered an advantage. Accent Advisor pays $15 USD per hour and they increase the pay rate by $1 per hour every 500 teaching hours, until it reaches $20 per hour. Teachers get fully paid for student no-shows and for classes that were cancelled with less than 2 hours notice. Unlike most other schools, there are no payment penalties for being late, taking time off, last minute cancellations, technical difficulties, etc. They trust teachers to provide the best service possible. 

Topica Native is based in Vietnam. Could be a good option for those teaching in Vietnam. The salary is unknown. Their homepage is here. They also hire non-native teachers. Their classes are 45 minutes long and the students are university students and professionals from different countries in this part of Asia who want to learn conversational English. They provide all the materials and curriculum. Teachers have to commit to a one year contract. They pay at least $8.50 USD per hour and up to $16 per hour. 

English-Mania has offices in the US and the Philippines and they teach through Skype. I am not sure what they pay their teachers, but they charge students $10 for a 45 minute class. Typically the pay is low with any school that has bases in the Philippines. Maybe not the best place to find a job teaching English to adults online.

RareJob is based in the Philippines and they are looking mostly for Filipino teachers to teach English to Japanese students. It looks like they have a good reputation according to what I have heard from the Filipino teachers. They offer a flexible schedule as well. The pay is around $3-5 per hour. 

The jobs never end

Bizmates is based in the Philippines but they teach business English to Japanese students. Non native speakers welcome, it looks like they aren’t very strict when it comes to requirements. Bizmates pays $3 – $4.60 per hour (140 – 220 PHP) up to $1200 per month. 

Acadsoc  teaches mostly Chinese students (Kindergartern – Grade 12) and it looks like most of their teachers are from the Philippines. They would like teachers with a BA and a TESL/CELTA certificate. They offer a base rate salary with bonuses but the salary is low. Filipino teachers only get a starting salary of $2 USD per hour. One commenter here says they pay native speakers $8 -$12 USD per hour.

UNHoop teaches English to Filipino, Japanese and Taiwanese students of different ages and levels. They want teachers with at least two years of university education and you have to be in the Philippines as the training takes place in Makati. No previous experience required. They only pay 110 PHP ($2 USD) per hour, but they apparently offer some bonuses. 

LingualBox is another company from the Philippines. The only really hire Filipino teachers with a BA degree and 6 months teaching experience. Call centre experience and an ESL certificate are not necessary but preferred. Teachers should be available for 20 hours per week. They pay 120PHP-160PHP ($2.25 USD – $3 USD per hour) depending on experience.

More more more

(English Live English Town English First is a company looking for native speakers in the US or abroad with a bachelors degree and TEFL certificate. Their students are both adults and kids in China. The kids attend English classes in one of EF Kids & Teens English Centers. Teachers must open long term availability, as students will be taught by the same teachers every week. Peak slots in Chinese time are for classes starting between 5pm and 8:30pm on weekdays and on weekends from 9am to 8:30pm. Education First salary: The pay structure varies depending on if you are teaching adults or kids and where you are located, but teachers who teach children can earn up to $20 USD per hour.

Tutor Supply is focused on teaching Chinese students. They pay well depending on your education and experience. If you have “Qualified Teacher Status” you can earn even more.  You must also have a British background check done (aDBS). You can earn from £20 – 30per hour with a £5 bonus for every extra student in your class. 

Now you can find the best fit for you! Find a job teaching English to adults online.

Teaching English to Adults Online (Job List)

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