Presently, Zoom classes are a booming business and everybody is looking forward to taking maximum advantage of Zoom classes. In this regard, online ESL games also need to be incorporated into Zoom classes as these easy but interesting games not only provide good entertainment to the students but also play a significant role in the upbringing of students of different grades and classes. So, let’s have a look at the top ten easy online ESL games which can easily be taught in Zoom classes.


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An online learning platform called Baamboozle teaches easy online ESL games. You can add your games in addition to the numerous ones that are provided to get your people started straight away. As a consequence, as teachers contribute one‘s tasks to the pool of resources, the collection of material expands every day. Bamboozle is a wonderful choice for both in-person and online learning, including for doing assignments. Since they may use their technology to perform it, students can play games and learn practically any place.

It’s a relatively versatile platform to utilize as you need; take a quiz in class as a group, share it for online sessions, or set one as an individual activity.

Learn how to use Bamboozle HERE

Simon Says (easy online ESL games)

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Simon says is a fun and easy online ESL game. One person should be Simon, while the others should be players. Simon directs the players in front of them and gives them instructions. Simon Says ideas, refer to the worksheet above or come up with your own. It’s crucial that the players only follow instructions that start with, “Simon says.” Players must act like they are playing the guitar, for instance, when Simon says, “Simon says perform air guitar.” Players are not allowed to act out the command if Simon says, “touch your tummy” before really stating, “Simon says.” Anyone who obeys a command without “Simon Says” is out of the game.

What Do I have or What Am I?

What do I have is another super easy and super fun online ESL game that you can play with your ESL students. You can simply describe something that you have hidden behind your back. If you have a banana hidden behind your back, you can say something like, “it’s a fruit, it’s yellow, it’s long, and monkeys like to eat this.” Then the student can guess what you have based on your easy English clues. 

What is this sound

ESL games and jobs at eslwild.org

Students’ sound perception and judgment abilities are developed through this interactive game called what is the sound? It’s a great online ESL game that you can easily play with any student. By matching things and their corresponding noises, players will advance their abilities. For literacy development, speech, and spelling, basic auditory processing abilities serve as the basis. You can easily download the sounds of animals, nature, vehicles, etc… The student will listen to the sound that you’ve played and guess what they are hearing. You can ask follow-up questions about the subject behind the noise as well. For example: if the noise was a rooster, you can ask, “Does this animal have feathers? Does this animal live on a farm? Can this animal fly?”

Bring something to the camera

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Bring something to the camera is essentially the online version of “show and tell”. The student will bring something from around the house and explain to you what it is. They can bring their favorite toy and explain why they like it or explain the texture and size. This is incredibly helpful for learning how to describe things and getting familiar with their adjectives.  


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Exercise games are great for keeping students active even if it’s too chilly or hot to go to the playground or garden. There are a lot of indoor activities and workouts that are simple and entertaining. It’s quite easy to incorporate exercise and fitness into your ESL class. You can have your students name the months with every jumping jack or naming places in the city with every push-up. The majority of exercises can be completed in your sitting room and also in small city flats (or hallways). It is guaranteed that after trying just a few, everyone will be exhausted and giggling.


ESL games and jobs at eslwild.org

Playing our hangman game can help you have fun while expanding your vocabulary. There are no cost word puzzles in this collection. Play against your students and try to figure out the hidden word before it becomes too late. The blanks must be filled in one letter at a time. The hangman will die if you guess wrongly just so many times!

There are numerous traditional and contemporary hangman games available. You can play with a digital pencil and paper for a more conventional challenge. You might also play modern video games with vibrant visuals and animation! Try guessing words completely at random, or experiment with particular categories.

Memory game (online easy ESL games)

The traditional children’s board game is a memory exercise for kids. Your kids’ recognition skills will develop while they have fun playing these online memory games. You can show your student a picture and let them look at it for 10-30 seconds. After, ask them small details about the picture to see what they can remember. 


Young infants, young children in preschool, and schoolchildren can all play this game. All cell phones, tablets, and laptops may be used to enjoy simple, straightforward educational games. Play instructional games and have fun! Children’s memory and brain health benefit greatly from playing this entertaining educational game. 

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8 easy online ESL games for online Zoom classes: Make your Online class fun!

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