10 countries where you can teach English right now (Post Covid) (2022) (TEACHING ENGLISH OVERSEAS)

As an ESL teacher, an incredible chance to travel and enjoy a life-changing foreign adventure is teaching English overseas. The decision of where to travel within the world is the most challenging aspect of teaching ESL, though! There are several diverse nations and choosing one to visit can be very challenging.

The countries mentioned below have been grouped according to what helps them shine as excellent places to teach overseas. We intend to shed light on what makes each of these locations special and alluring, even though everyone’s ideal fit will vary on their values and objectives. There are so many options available that making a decision might be challenging.

Let’s have a look at ten countries where you can teach English right now (Post Covid)!


Poland (Teaching English Overseas)

Teach English in Poland eslwild.org

One of the most bustling locations for English teachers is Poland. Ever since the European Union stepped into Poland, the demand for English learning has been increasing rapidly. In fact, those who are interested in pursuing an English career need to pass an English test there as well.

The ESL teachers are in high demand in this rich Polish culture and are paid up to 1500 USD per month!

This country is embedded with exquisite architecture and classic landscape with wide grounds of greenery in the countryside. 

The vacancies there come with lots of perks. If these Polish cultures attract you, then this is definitely your way to teach. 

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South Korea

Teach English in South Korea eslwild.org

South Korea frequently appears at the top of these lists, and for a valid cause. In addition to the high demand for International English teachers, Korea’s ESL market also expands annually. Finding the appropriate teaching abroad position is now simpler than before because of the abundance of options available.

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Teach English in Japan eslwild.org

One of the most sought-after destinations for teaching English overseas is Japan. It is a nation rich in scenic natural areas, striking scenery, and most importantly, thriving cities. Additionally, it boasts one of the most distinctive traditional societies in all of Asia, which draws both foreigners as well as English teachers. Life in Japan will never get boring, whether you’re in the center of Tokyo or a small village in Mt. Fuji’s shadow.

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Teach English in Vietnam eslwild.org

Vietnam is renowned for its beautiful, spectacular landscapes and laid-back way of life. Vietnam welcomes millions of visitors and foreign residents each year, on average. Given the current state of the world, Vietnam is one of the finest countries to work as an ESL teacher because there is a superb work-life balance, and you’ll probably work considerably less than the standard nine-to-five.

Due to Vietnam’s vigorous response to the Covid-19 outbreak, it has recently been challenging for any foreigners to enter the nation; however, English teachers, like us, are suddenly being allowed to enter as “expert” labor! Despite the government’s varied rules surrounding English teachers, immigrants continue to enter the nation.

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Teach English in Thailand eslwild.org

For a variety of reasons, teaching English abroad is very popular in Thailand. Usually, millions of visitors would swarm to Thailand every year to take in the country’s rich culinary culture, diversified population, and breathtaking landscapes. As a result of the Thai government’s latest revelation that it will welcome travelers, Thailand is currently one of Asia’s more accessible nations.

Thailand is a desirable destination for education for one straightforward reason—the low rate of inflation. Similar to Vietnam, Thailand pays less for English teachers than other regions of Asia and internationally, but the cash would go much further!

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Teach English in Taiwan eslwild.org

Overall, Taiwan has grown in popularity amongst English teachers throughout time. Taiwan can be a little more challenging for a Western perspective to adjust to due to its comparable working culture to that of Chinese, Korea, & Japan, but it is still immensely fulfilling to teach as something of an English professor in Taiwan.

The living expenses in the nation are quite low, therefore an English teacher’s compensation could go a fair distance. Severance compensation, lodging, and flights are typically included in teaching alternatives, which boosts your ability to save money or spend it.

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Teach English in Spain eslwild.org

One of the most sought-after locations in Europe for teaching English has become one of Spain. Spain is well known for being laid back and has a better work-life harmony than most Western nations, allowing it to be the perfect destination for English teachers working overseas.

While we’re not instructing, one can enjoy Spain’s allure, including its rich history, culture, including, of course, cuisine. Spanish English teachers don’t make much money, but the price of living seems markedly smaller than other European nations, therefore your money will still go! You can get by with complimentary snacks, such as those offered in Granada, if you’re short on money!

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Teach English in France eslwild.org

Finding someone who has never had any sentimental vision of France, would be difficult for the majority of people. France may be the place for you if you enjoy cafés, cheeses, champagne, art, or any combination of the four. France is a beautiful country in and of itself, but it’s also an excellent spot to look for teaching work overseas.

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Teach English in the UAE eslwild.org

The UAE has emerged as amongst the most sought-after English education locations worldwide, and its appeal grows yearly. Although the qualifications to instruct in the United Arab Emirates are somewhat more demanding than those in other countries, the benefits are certainly worthwhile. Although it can be simpler to get jobs if you have official teaching qualifications, it’s also helpful to determine work with a TEFL certificate!

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Costa Rica (Teaching English Overseas)

Teach English in Costa Rica eslwild.org

For prospective English teachers, Costa Rica is undoubtedly the most well-liked nation in Central America, and for legitimate reasons. Costa Rica, despite its size, appears to have it all: beaches that are good for surfing, imposing volcanoes, and rich jungles. It makes sense that many professors want to reside here and work.

At Costa Rica, paid teaching positions are generally found in schools, universities, academies, also with private customers. Public primary and secondary schools typically have optional positions available. The pace of life and culture of Costa Rica will serve as a reminder that there is more to life than simply pursuing a salary!

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Conclusion (Teaching English Overseas)

Finding the proper teaching position overseas may be challenging given the state of the world today. But don’t worry, there are lots of chances to teach English in different countries. In the past, China was home to the bulk of English teaching businesses that offered courses to kids. Private tutoring for pupils has recently come under fire from the Chinese government, forcing many businesses to shut down or change their focus to adult learners.

10 countries where you can teach English right now (Post Covid) (2022)(Teaching English Overseas)

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