Where Can I Teach English Online?

I can see many people asking the same questions in Facebooks groups almost every single day. 

“Where can I teach English online?” 

“How much money can I make teaching English online?”

“What ESL companies are currently hiring?”

Where Can I Teach English Online?

In this article, you’ll find the answer to all these questions. I’ll lay them all out in a comprehensible list making it easy for you to gather info and go apply immediately. You’ll see what each ESL company pays for online teachers. You will find what ESL companies are hiring teachers. How much money you can make teaching English online and where can I teach English online? 

You can go back and peruse ESL Wild’s previous articles for more ESL companies to apply for if you don’t find something suitable on this list. I’ve collected over 50 companies on this page. Don’t be perturbed if this list doesn’t have something suitable for you. 

This list will include opportunities for native and non native English teachers. 

Teaching English online is a great way to make some extra money from the comfort of your own home. You can do it from anywhere in the world. The market will always continue to grow.

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Where Can I Teach English Online?

Free Class

Where Can I teach English Online?

I couldn’t find a link to their website for this one.

It’s a company with students from Vietnam. They are looking for 1-1 or 1-2 conversational classes. The company states that the pay is 13-$15 USD per hour. 

This company does not state whether or not teachers have to be native speakers. A TEFL Degree is required. 

If you are interested, please send your CV to


English Interactive

Where Can I teach English Online?

They are searching for new, vibrant online English teachers. It’s a small company based in Santiago, Chile. They claim to have over 10 years of experience in the TESOL field. 

All classes are via ZOOM. They do not state whether or not they discriminate against non native teachers. Let’s hope that they are accepting of all teachers. 

They pay $10 USD per hour. 

You can send your CV and cover letter to


They provided a WhatsApp number to get in contact. +569 9304 8911

EHL Academy

Where Can I teach English Online?

Unfortunately, this company is only looking for native speaking English teachers as of now. If they change this requirement, I will update this post immediately. 

All classes will be online via ZOOM

Students will be from all over Asia and the classes will range from 1-1 to small groups. 

Classes can be 25, 30, or 40 minutes.

Must have a BA degree and a TEFL certification.

Pay is between $17-$24 USD per hour. 

If you are an interested candidate, Please send your full CV together with a 1-minute self-intro video to:  recruit@ehlacademy.org  or ehla.recruit@gmail.com

Carrot Global

Where Can I teach English Online?

A growing Korean school. All students will be 18+. A BA degree is required. They do not require a TOEFL.

Some links suggest that they are only accepting native English speakers. Other links suggest they will accept non natives with clean accents. 

Pay will range from $13 – $17 USD per hour. 

email them at  recruit@carrotglobal.com

Check out reviews for Carrot Global here

Craving English

Where Can I teach English Online?

This is an ESL company based in Costa Rica. They only accept Native English Speakers as of now. (Hopefully, that will change in the future)

You do NOT need a BA degree. A TEFL is required. 

Classes range from 1-6 students and you are required to teach a minimum of 10 hours per week. 

Pay is $12-$17 USD per hour. 

Send your CV to jobs@cravingenglish.com 


Where Can I teach English Online?

This is an online ESL company based in China. It seems to be operational after the new regulations in China. 

They DO hire non native English speakers and they DO NOT require a BA degree.

You will need a TEFL certificate. 

Class sizes are 1-2 and the pay is claimed to be around $9-$12 USD per hour. 

Apply Here


Where Can I teach English Online?

This is a company based in France. Speaking French will help your chances. They hire Native speakers and Bilingual teachers. 

South African natives are welcome to apply. 

All students are 18+ and all classes are 1 on 1. 

You must have a BA degree and a business background. 

Pay ranges from $16 – $20 USD per hour. 

 Apply here

Wall Street English (Indonesia)

Where Can I teach English Online?

This company has posted many times searching for new online ESL teachers for adults in Indonesia. Most of the available times seem to be in the evenings or weekends. 

The salary starts at $14 USD per hour.

For more info, you can go to their Facebook page here.

MRS education 

This is a Hong Kong company looking for new online teachers. 

They are currently only hiring Native English speakers. You must have a BA degree and a TEFL certificate. 

Please send 1-minute introduction video. You will need to send your degree, certificate, and other qualifications to – 



Where Can I teach English Online?

This is a company based somewhere in Southeast Asia. They hire Native English speakers for 1 on 1 classes. 

No degree is required. You must possess a TEFL certificate of some sort. Evidentially, only 5% of all applicants are accepted. There have been many complaints against this company online with recent teachers voicing harsh opinions. Be warned. 

All students are children, and your pay is negotiated. Many current teachers state they are receiving between $10 – $16 USD per hour. 

Apply here

Planet Spark

Where Can I teach English Online?

This is a company based in India. It seems they do take Non Ntaive English teachers. At the moment, they are only accepting female teachers. (This is what is stated on their website careers page currently).

You can apply and read all the info about the current online English teaching job here.


Where Can I teach English Online?

This company was spotted in a Facebook group. It was stated that the school was in Colombia. The website states that it’s in Mexico. I linked the website in the title. I’ll include the email that was found in the Facebook post. 

They state the pay as $4 USD per 25 minute class. You must have a computer that can run Classin. 

Email CV and introduction video –


Uask Education

Where Can I teach English Online?

This is an online education company based in Canada. It does not state on their website anywhere about whether or not you need to be a native speaker. 

Minimum one year of teaching experience (educators, professors, tutors, teaching assistants, elementary teachers, or the equivalent in mentoring, tutoring, or alternative education)

Need a BA degree

Must have a minimum of one certificate about teaching ESL (OCT/TEFL/TESOL/CELTA certificate etc.)

Submit your application by

Sending your CV to 



Where Can I teach English Online?

It was a bit difficult to find information about this school. I had a few teachers reach out that are currently working for the company. All teachers had good things to say. 

It is currently unclear what their requirements are for new teachers. The pay wasn’t stated on their page.

This company is hiring new online teachers. You can easily apply directly on their website. 

The only info they give on the careers page is, “Flexible, fulfilling, high salary.”

Apply here

Cool Talk

Where Can I teach English Online?

This company provides all sorts of English classes. Business English, Exam preparation, kids English, etc…

It seems many teachers have recently complained online stating that the company has been hiring only Philippine workers. This is to lower the pay. I’m not sure of how accurate this is.

Here is the info to contact them for a job opportunity.

Apply here 


Where Can I teach English Online?

This is an online Chinese company expecting to open this month. They are currently taking applications from all teachers. 

Students will be primarily adult Chinese learners. The occasional kid’s classes will be incorporated as well. 

Teacher’s salary will be negotiated during the hiring process. 

Email your application for an opportunity



Where Can I teach English Online?

This company seems to always be looking for teachers. You will teach Chinese students (mostly adults). 

The pay is stated to start at $13 USD per hour. 

All interested applicants are required to send their CV to –


Idioma International

Where Can I teach English Online?

This company is based in Costa Rica and is currently hiring Native speakers for online teaching positions. 

Must have a University degree, TEFL Certificate, teaching experience with reference from the previous employer, and high-speed internet with a quality headset. 

Pay ranges from $10 – $12 per hour.

Apply here


Where Can I teach English Online?

This company is currently hiring new online teachers. The ad they posted does not state whether or not you need to be a native speaker. 

Requirements include high-speed internet, TEFL certificate, 1 year of teaching experience, ZOOM or Skype account. 

It claims to have a 5-day hiring process. 

Send your CV and 1-2 minute intro video through

Skype: modernenglisha@gmail.com

PolyTongue Academy

Where Can I teach English Online?

This company is hiring Online English teachers. They prefer teachers to have a high level of French and a TEFL certificate. 

Pay ranges from $12 – $16 USD per hour.

You can send your CV and your availability to-


For teaching tips and advice check out Little Teacher Mary.

Where Can I Teach English Online

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Where Can I Teach English Online?

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12 thoughts on “Where Can I Teach English Online?

  1. Good morning.
    I’ve retired from teaching after 26 years.
    I taught mostly English Home Language and First Additional Language.
    I would like to teach English from the comfort of my home.
    Hope to find a online teaching job.

    1. There are plenty of companies hiring right now. I have linked all the websites for the online companies hiring or added the direct email for applications. I hope this helps you and I hope you find a job soon 🙂

  2. Thanks for all the info! I’ve done a quick google search on some of the lesser-known companies you mentioned, and there is very little information about some of them. Have you checked to see if they are all legitimate, reliable companies?

    1. It’s hard to get detailed research on some of the smaller companies but I didn’t see other teachers mentioning in the comments of their posts that they had interviews and whatnot with them but I never had follow-ups. However, most of the companies have websites and I’ll comb through them and search their reviews before adding them. I just want to add as many opportunities as possible for the fellow teachers out there so I’ve been adding extras lately that don’t have websites but if you notice that they are untrustworthy, please let me know and I’ll remove them from the list. 🙂

  3. Hi everyone. Erudite is a recruitment agency affiliated with “The really great teacher company”. They serve the Asian market with adults and kids as students depending on customer/school requirements.
    I sent my CV and then received a link to the job advert with a refferal code. The job is to teach Taiwanese kids and the pay advertised is 5.40 dollars per hour.
    Some jobs require a degree and some not.

  4. My name is June Bredenkamp, known as ‘Teacher June’.
    I am a 65 year old granny. I’m an English native speaker from the beautiful country of South Africa.
    I graduated from High School in Zimbabwe and worked as an Insurance Consultant and later working in Life Insurance. Over the years I have had numerous connections with teaching and helping in Care Centers and School programs with Primary School Children.
    I have recently completed my Level 3 [120 hours] TEFL Certificate, and about to start my Diploma Course with Cambridge University through TEFL.
    I am seeking Online English teaching jobs or any websites that are offering Online Teaching Jobs.

  5. TUTOROO is looking for more online English tutors. It is a marketplace connecting students with qualified tutors. They are looking for more part-time language tutors who can teach online or in person. Just register your profile on their site at https://www.tutoroo.co/signup-as-a-private-language-tutor and they will help you find your students. You can choose your hours and set your hourly rate depending on your qualifications and experience. Visit their site to learn more. Hope this helps!

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