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Where to Find Online Teaching Jobs from home

Online teaching jobs from home

The ultimate question is… Where to find online teaching jobs from home? Hundreds of thousands of teachers are making money from the comfort of their own homes. Teaching English online has never been easier. It seems that as each month passes, new online platforms keep springing up. This is creating more and more opportunities for online teachers. 

When looking for an online ESL job, be weary of some of the shady recruiters popping up in the Facebook groups. Most of them just want an easy commission. It’s best to look at each school individually and see what’s right for you. 

This is why I create job lists on eslwild.org

You can browse through the site and find loads of lists with different online companies hiring English teachers for online teaching from home. There are job listings for natives and non-natives and they include basic details as well as pay rates. Many of the Chinese companies have closed so you should always be cautious when looking into a Chinese school during this time. 

Online teaching jobs from home!


Advice for new online teachers

A few things you should have before starting

  • TEFL to increase your chances of getting hired
  • Highspeed internet
  • A university degree is strongly recommended but not required by all companies
  • Lesson plan materials (although some are provided by the companies)

If you are having trouble creating lesson plans or if you need extra materials, don’t worry. Lesson plans, worksheets, games, grammar lessons, songs, activities, and everything can be found here.

Free resources for online teachers 

Online Teaching Jobs From Home

Sparrows English

What you need to know

This company is based in Penang, Malaysia. Interactive online classes are provided to students ages 3-12. They have an interesting approach on this platform. All resources used for teaching will be National Geographic materials. They accept teachers from all over the world. I did not see any mention of what the pay per hour is on the website though. 

It seems all inquiries and CVs must be sent to hello@sparrowsenglish.com


What you need to know

Not a bad company to work for overall. They accept native and non native speakers. The pay is decent and starts at $18 per hour. You will need a degree and a TEFL in order to get hired. This company is highly selective when they hire. It’s required that you have at least 2 years teaching experience. They also expect you to teach a minimum of 15 hours per week. Students will range from children to adults and all classes will be 1 on 1. 

Apply Here

Littera Education (Americans)

What you need to know

At this company, only Americans can apply. They have numerous tutoring positions that are open regularly. Previous tutoring experience is required. The company also prefers applicant to have a degree however, it’s possible to get the job without one if you have a lot of experience. Also, if you are currently enrolled as a University student, they will consider you. Pay is $15 per hour. 

Apply here


What you need to know

This is another company hiring tutors for all sorts of subjects. A university degree is required, and the pay is $15 per hour. They hire tutors for all sorts of different subjects, but you can choose to only tutor English. They do not mention if they hire non natives on their site but they also don’t say native speakers only. You can comment below if you find the answer to this one. 

Apply here


What you need to know

You can teach online with protostar. They are constantly hiring new teachers. However, you must be a native English speaker to apply for this company. They also require a BA degree as well as a TEFL. You will need a minimum of one-yar in-class teaching experience. Online teaching experience is preferred but not required. The base pay is around $16 per hour. You can earn up to $22 per hour with bonuses

Apply here


What you need to know

This is a well-established company that hires native speakers. This includes native speakers from South Africa. The ages of the students can range from children to adults. They are also incredibly flexible with scheduling. You can work early hours into nighttime hours. You must have a degree and a TEFLPay ranges from $15-$28 per hour. All classes are 1 on 1. 

 Apply here

iPrep Tutor

What you need to know

With iPrep Tutor you can set up your own tutor room. Students can schedule live paid video calls with you. This company doesn’t send you students, so you must hustle a bit yourself on the page. If you have an appealing setup, you can make easy money just by having video calls. You make your own price, but the platform takes 15% commission. 

Apply here


What you need to know

This learning platform was started in 2009 and is based in Japan. They WELCOME English & Japanese learners from all around the world. The students ages will range from child to adult. They have 9,000 lessons conducted every month! No degree is required, and they hire natives and non natives. The pay can range between $3-$10 per hour. You will need a TEFL. All classes will be 1 on 1. 

TO APPLY YOU MUST send a 2-minute video Self-introduction, 3 Photos & Resume to eigoru.office@gmail.com

Kudo English

What you need to know

At Kudo English, they hire native and non native speakers. They don’t specify if you are required to have a degree or TEFL but on the application it asks if you have them. Students can range from children to adults. They also have business English classes for business companies. They do not specify what the pay is on their page. 

Apply Here


What you need to know

To apply for Ringle, you must hold a degree from the US or the UK. You must have fluent English skills and an ability to facilitate discussions, hold conversations, and be attentive towards speech. Most of the students will be adults and classes will be 1 on 1. The pay ranged between $15-$21 per hour

Apply here

Japan Virtual Learning

What you need to know

This company accepts teachers from all around the world. It’s easy to apply and allows you to teach a variety of topics. You can make money teaching live classes. However, they also give you the opportunity to make money by hosting live webinars and creating online courses. They do not mention how much they pay anywhere on their page. I added this because I had another teacher write me saying he worked for this company and highly recommended it. 

Apply Here

Mimmy Adventure

What you need to know

This company is based in Japan and has a pretty cool concept. “Adventures” are zoom classes but completely different from traditional teaching. Instead of lessons, you interact with the kids without teaching, so they acquire English naturally. Adventures are based on games, your favorite sport, art, magic, lego or anything adventurous that you like to do. They are making an effort in making classes more exciting for young learners by allowing them to have fun with people all over the world. Pay depends on how many attendees join but with a guaranteed amount per adventure too. This works out to pay around $10-20 per 10-minute adventure.

online teaching jobs from home

Apply Here

Thanks for coming back to eslwild.org! Hopefully this list helped you find a few online platforms that you didn’t know before. Please like and subscribe if this list has helped you. We are constantly updating the site with more jobs and materials for our fellow online teachers! 🙂

Here is a complete guide to teaching English online

Where to find online teaching jobs
Online Teaching Jobs From Home

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  1. Good work Sir!

    Most of the links opened and may I suggest to the naysayers who said that the links weren’t working; use a bit of initiative and email the companies directly with an intro letter and CV. (Duh Google the companies and visit their sites!)


    1. I was wondering because I double checked the links after that and they were working on my end. But I would definitely agree that emailing the company directly is a underrated move and more people need to know this.


  2. Hello..
    I just completed my TEFL and TESOL course, i don’t have a degree..
    Need some assistance with finding work online

    1. There are loads of articles on here with jobs hiring and in the description it says which ones don’t require a degree. There are tons on here throughout the job list articles. 🙂

  3. You always have good job listings on your page. Thank you for keeping us teachers up to date on the opportunities out there.

  4. Thanks for this list! It’s really helpful for helping locate and find online teaching jobs. I checked a few of your other lists also and you have a lot of good leads on the site. We need more sites like this to help more online teachers

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