Ten Countries You Can Teach English in Without A Degree

Ten Countries You Can Teach English in Without A Degree

Have you always wanted to travel but haven’t got a degree? Well, with the teaching markets flooding all over the world, there is a myriad of countries accepting teachers without degrees now. So, get ready to start your adventure with no student debt!

You will need a TEFL certificate but that’s the easy part. Read here if you want to learn how and where to get it. (I got mine in less than two months!)

  • Costa Rica
  • Tropical Beaches

    If you’re the type of person who likes spending their free time sipping home-brewed coffee on tropical beaches, wandering through nature, and finding exotic animals then Costa Rica is the right place for you! 

    You’ll be living amongst some of the happiest people on earth and settling into a relaxing environment that makes you feel like you’ve already retired. Warm weather, hot springs, rain forests, and white water rafting through badass rivers, what more can you ask for?

    The average salary is between $700-$900 per month which is about the same as the cost of living. That’s including rent, food, and a few beers. However, you can always supplement your income further by teaching English online which will grow your income to a much more desirable earning. 

    —5 companies you can teach English for online without a degree—

  • Russia
  • Maybe the warm, tropical life isn’t what you’ve always dreamed of

    Maybe you have always dreamt of walking beautiful winter roads under the unforgettable cascade of Byzantine architecture. Look no further because Russia is your frozen paradise. Plus, who doesn’t like slamming a few vodkas to warm you up after a long day of teaching? 

    Russia has been said to be one of the friendliest countries to foreigners working there. They are hospitable and share the adventurous/friendly soul that most travelers carry with them. Of course, there are always a few exceptions to the rule but if you find that you don’t like the Russian city, you can always take off into the wild like Chris McCandless. Just don’t eat any poisonous plants out there. 

    A lot of schools in Russia are beginning to require a B.A. degree but it isn’t a necessary requirement just yet. The pay is between $500-$1,400 on average but you can get by with about $700 a month. Some schools even provide free housing so it’s best to reach out to numerous schools before choosing. 

  • Cambodia
  • Ancient structures

    that are thousands of years old, a wild nightlife, cheap living, and fresh coconuts in the morning. Cambodia is lit with adventures and is the ultimate experience when you’re ready to leave your comfort zone. Anybody who has visited this wild country knows what I’m talking about. Even though it’s small, fairly poor, and a bit insane, it never gets boring. It’s a thrill ride the whole way and you’ll meet loads of other ex-pats living the same life as you. 

    People can live on as little as $500 a month there and the average salary for teaching is between $600-$1000 depending on where you are and what type of school you are working for. You’ll arrive on a tourist visa but can easily convert it to a work visa once you arrive. If you have a hidden wild side that needs to be released, this is the country for you!

  • Poland
  • A beautiful hidden gem

    in the world of teaching is certainly Poland. It’s often overlooked simply because Europe is home to so many amazing countries rich in history. However, you are still close to many other amazing countries. You can hop on a train and travel across eastern Europe on your vacation time seeing the lesser talked about beauties in that region. 

    With the Baltic Sea to the North and the Polish Tatra Mountains to the south, Poland is home to a wide array of dope landscapes and scenery. It’s also noted quite memorably for their delicious home-style soups and dishes and the city streets will leave you breathless and in a sense of heartwarming awe. A beautiful little country adorned with cobblestone streets and buildings that make you feel like you are walking back through time while simultaneously giving you that “at home” feel.  

    The average pay for teaching in Poland is currently between $750-$1050 and you can live rather comfortably at around $950. Some places do prefer a B.A. degree but there are many that you can walk into without. 

  • Spain
  • If you always wanted to learn a little Spanish, run from the bulls, see the streets Picasso and Dali walked, then Spain is probably the right country for your next teaching job!

    Spain has always been a top pick for many teachers over the past ten years and we can all see why. This country is popping with parties, amazing architecture, vast mountain ranges, and loads of teaching jobs with little requirements for experience. It’s hard to find an ESL teacher who hasn’t taught in Spain or who hasn’t at least highly considered it at one point or another. 

    You can save a bit of money living in Spain. On average you earn about $800-$1500 and can double that with online classes or private tutoring lessons and the cost of living is roughly between $500-$1,000. It’s yet another great country that also provides you the easy ability to travel your way through Europe on your holidays. 

  • Egypt
  • For all the history buffs out there…

    This is for you! Plus, who the hell doesn’t want to eat pizza and look at the pyramids? You can snag a six- or twelve-month contract teaching in a place that holds insane mystifying beauties from one of the most ancient civilizations on this earth. 

    Yeah, the language may seem daunting and mostly everything is shut down on Fridays in adherence to holy day but, COME ON! You’ll be walking the same grounds as some of the most significant figures in all history. That’s a dream in and of itself. 

    The pay is pretty darn low but so is the cost of living. You’ll earn between $300-$700 a month on average, but you can easily swing a comfy life for about $400 a month. This would be a great country to take advantage of online teaching then you’ll be living like a baller!

  • Chile
  • Holy sweet baby jesus in a tuxedo, this is the whole package

    Right, smack dab on the Pacific coast of South America with the monstrous Andes wrapping through the county and deserts intertwined in the scenic masterpiece. This place holds the city life, the wilderness, and even incredible history. You can hop a boat to Easter Island which is owned by Chile for a great adventure into an Ancient Aliens conspiracy for your holiday. 

    Basically, all of South America is up for grabs for teachers without degrees but Chile remains one of the dopest. On average you’ll earn between $750-$1000 teaching there but the cost of living is insanely cheap. You can live a fairly comfortable life for just around $800 if you don’t spend that money on late nights at the bars. If you do, you’ll need those online teaching jobs to supplement. 

    If you missed it the first time, check out this post that shows you the top 5 online teaching companies you can work for without a degree. 



    Have you always wanted to live in a Fairytale world? Well, you found it!

    Romania has a slew of undisturbed forests, loads of national parks, medieval castles, and probably dragons. Ok, maybe not dragons but the scenery of this wonderful land will make you feel like you’re walking through a screensaver on your desktop. 

    Teaching in Romania will bring you some of the most unique experiences of your life. You’ll be able to become immersed in a diverse culture and watch costumed celebrations while chowing down on some incredible cuisines. Hell, you can even take to the snowy mountains for a ski trip that gives you sights that some say eclipse the Swiss Alpes.

    The typical students in Romania are adult business professionals. The pay ranges from $300-$1000 depending are where you are. The cost of living is also quite low in this country and can give you a nice living for around $500 a month. This is a wonderland even John Mayer would sing about.

  •   Ukraine
  • The country of Beautiful CitiesBeautiful People, and Beautiful Nature.

    If you go here, you’ll probably never return, so, at least give your mother a big kiss before you take off. 

    This country is like what every girl envisions at the most romantic date ever. Over five thousand museums, breathtaking cathedrals, medieval castles, pine forests, and to top it all off, you even got beaches! Let me finish writing this so I can go there now. 

    A degree is preferred but many schools will hire you on a tourist visa and pay under the table. That’s the dream! Living tax-free in a romantic paradise. The salary is between $600-$900 a month and your cost of living is right around the same. You’ll live comfortably but it will be hard to save money without having a few side hustles. 

  • Greece
  • I put Greece way down here at the bottom for a reason. Although you don’t need a degree to teach in this scenic wonder, you will probably need EU citizenship. It’s becoming more and more difficult for Greece to sponsor workers outside the EU for visas so unless you have that special passport, it might not be viable. 

    They pay between $800-$1,100 and the cost of living seems to be about the same as your wages in the end. It would be quite the place to settle down and live the dream out by the coastal waters like a retired gangster but North Americans will find this place better as a holiday resort. 


    Find online teaching jobs and more wild travel stories at ESLWILD.org


    Ten Countries You Can Teach English in Without A Degree

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