4 Places to Create and Sell Your Online English Courses

Before the AI takes our jobs as online teachers, check out some other places you can create and sell your own online courses before we are thrown back into the Stone Age by the robots. These platforms allow you to take a path away from the traditional way of working for a company strictly as a teacher. They allow you to create and sell your own courses at your own price. Here are 4 places to create and sell online English courses.


What you need to know

www.podia.com: Podia is a rather interesting online teaching platform with a great design. This is a nice place to start your journey as an online course creator. You have the freedom and ability to handle your courses, digital downloads, customers, e-mail subscribers, payments and data all in one place.

On Podia you can create downloads to either sell or give away for free as lead magnets. This strategy helps you grow an audience fairly easily and pick up new customers for your online courses.

Let me know your opinions or personal experience about Podia in the comments below!



What you need to know

www.thinkific.com: Thinkific is an ever-growing online teaching platform that allows you to create, market, and sell your courses. You can bring all your content together, add quizzes and surveys, issue certificates of completion, track learner progress, and integrate third-party tools through Zapier. It’s an incredibly cool way to engage students and make money from your creativity. If you can teach, you can create.

Let me know your opinions or personal experience about Thinkific in the comments below!


What you need to know

www.learnworlds.com: What makes this one interesting is that it offers you an interactive video tool, e-book creator and an opportunity of networking for learners. It also makes use of gamification to better motivate them. I personally find it quite powerful in terms of content authoring, marketing options and interactive tools for social learning.

The best online course platform for creating, selling and promoting your online courses. Start monetizing your skills, experiences and your audience.

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What you need to know

www.teachable.com: Teachable is a platform where you can create and sell online courses. It helps you create your course materials using different media, customise and brand your course (e.g logo, color, style etc) and launch it. The rest is taken care by the platform which also gives you some data such as learner analytics and course revenue.

“Create online courses and coaching services. Transform your experience and know-how into a thriving knowledge business.”

Let me know your opinions or personal experience about Teachable in the comments below!


Teaching online has so many possibilities now. You can work for other companies, you can create and sell your own courses, and you can solicit your own private students for specialized classes and cut out the middleman.

If you want to get a few tips on collecting your own students, try reading How To Get Your Own ESL Students Online. Also, join “Private tutoring” Facebook groups as much as possible. I have found dozens of opportunities floating through those.

If you want to try applying for a traditional platform for simple English teaching online, you can try this. It has a list of places to apply with the links to each page so it’s easy to apply directly on the site.

I also, have a few lists made specifically for non-native speakers here and here. I hope this helps you all. Leave some love in the comments and let me know how your teaching and traveling is going!

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4 Places to Create and Sell Your Online English Courses

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