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3 Fun ESL games for Kids-Online Lessons

As an ESL teacher, you can always search for fun ESL games for kids. This will help kids remain indulged in the class while learning productively and creatively. Though you can plan versatile lessons at times, it isn’t easy to keep content engaging. In this article, we will discuss 3 fun ESL games for kids in Online Classes to keep the class stimulating for the children.

Memory Game with Questions (3 Fun ESL games for kids)

3 Fun ESL games for kids

This game is relatively easy to set up. All you have to do is pick up an image, download it, and copy it to your slide. Make sure that the image you choose doesn’t have any copyright. After that, you can ask the student to describe the image in order to extend his vocabulary; for example, if a child is playing with the ball in the picture, you can ask what he is doing? Is the child wearing a short-sleeved shirt or a long-sleeved etc? This is to build up vocabulary and pronunciation. After that, you can simply turn to the next slide, which has several questions, such as what was the color of the ball? Etc…   

This is an interesting activity as the student feels challenged and the teachers can control the level of students. If the student is advanced, you can have difficult questions or more detail-oriented photos. This activity drastically helps students to retain vocabulary and practice new words. Descriptions are the key.

You can include pictures that have emotions for the advanced students and ask them questions like, “Was the girl upset or angry?” You can also incorporate grammar-related questions like “What action verb did you see in the picture?” “What descriptive adjective can describe the background?” The ESL memory game is one of the most fun ESL games for kids!


3 Fun ESL games for kids

This is an activity from the British Council website. You can visit the website to check out a plethora of lessons. In this game, the children are supposed to dress up as a Hero. As you commence, an avatar appears in front with a basic suit. There is some information written under him. If the child is on a basic level, you can ignore the information around and just focus on the Hero. You can ask what color the Hero is wearing? Is his hair straight or curly? If the student is relatively advanced, you can ask them to read the text to check their pronunciation. You can ask them high-level questions like can he climb? How fast is he? He can balance really well, can’t he?  In this way, the student learns loads of new vocabulary words and engages thoroughly in speaking.

The next step comprises making up the Hero. Here you can simply choose the equipment that the Hero can carry to make its super-power. The students (especially the younger ones) get overjoyed with such sort of activities. You can view different features such that the Hero can carry armor, wings, shell, or a belt. The features of each are written under them and according to the level of the student you can ask them to choose the one they like. In a similar way, they create a personalized Hero. They can have specific features they would like it to have. You can name the avatar too. This game creates a whole world of imagination in the student’s mind. They simply love the character that they made and are eager to refine it more!

Hope that your class goes pretty well with superheroes! Fun ESL games for kids in the class make the time learning feel like playtime for the students. 

THE 30-SECOND ACTIVITY (3 Fun ESL games for kids)

3 Fun ESL games for kids

This activity, as the name suggests, is a quick, fun ESL game for kids. In this game, each child is given 30 seconds to name something. For example, you can put a timer on your mobile for 30-seconds and ask them to tell the maximum number of animals with “I am.” The student is quickly going to utter, “I am a cat, i am a lion, i am a horse, i am a fish…” and so on. They will name as many as they can in the time frame. To make it more challenging for advanced students, you can ask them to name adjectives or specific tools. For example, you can ask them to say “She is in..” and then places them on a busy road. The student might use words such as “bakery, restaurant, mall, library, butchery, etc.”

 They will take time to think. Some may be quite sluggish and bring out common/easy words. Other students might be quick and bring out a rainbow of new vocabulary as they take it as a real challenge!

Making lists of specific things is even boring for adults. Think about the children and how fed up they would be. By seeking this activity, the students would be able to quickly memorize some specific vocabulary related to something and take it as a challenge to endure!

In thirty seconds, you can help your student get better at English! Fun ESL games for students are here for the win!



3 Fun ESL games for Kids-Online Lessons

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